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We can arrange for a Secret Guest that aligns with your church's target audience to provide constructive feedback on their experience. Once we collect the data, we'll organize it into a categorized written report for you to share with your leadership team.

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The survey covers a spectrum of categories, evaluating your church even before visitors arrive. The Secret Guest assesses information on attending your church and examines your website, signage, and online presence. Upon arrival, they'll provide insights into their entrance experience and interactions within the church, including individual interactions and feelings. Additionally, metrics such as the environment and sanctuary space are evaluated. The results, encompassing various metrics, ratings, and constructive feedback, will be communicated back to you, providing tangible insights to help you respond effectively.


After the consultation, our team will assemble a comprehensive, bound report containing data, feedback, and recommendations essential for your leadership team's informed decisions. In a follow-up meeting, we'll address any questions, ensuring a clear understanding of the information provided. As an added service, we offer in-person meetings to provide a thorough explanation to your extended leadership team or church congregation.

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